The pupils learn while having fun

« BONO is a great game that I’ve used a lot with my pupils! They learn while having fun, getting to use a language actively. They absolutely love it!»

Ida Mo Tveita, special education teacher, Lakkegata Elementary School, Oslo, Norway


«All our 6th graders play different YouKnow games to learn geography. Playing YouKnow for learning is so much fun! My pupils are euphoric! They even want to buy the games to play more at home.»

Harald Sverresson, teacher, 6th grade, Hammartun Elementary School, Lillehammer, Norway

It is perfect for learning!

«As a teacher I have simply fallen in love with BONO og BonoLingo. It’s perfect for learning: Fun, simple, effective, and motivating. It’s easy to learn how to play and it has a brilliant twist: New words are learned by having to say what the card depicts – ‘Say it to play it!’»

«BONO and BonoLingo offer my pupils qualities which I aim for in a good learning session: sense of accomplishment, active participation, motivation, and a lot of joy!»

«Anki» Strømberg, teacher and librarian, Lakkegata Elementary School, Oslo, Norway

What kids say about BONO and BonoLingo

«Imagine you get to play your favourite game without having to bother your teacher with questions. Now you can!»

«Now I look forward to the teacher fetching me for extra classes!»

«We learn a lot while having fun!»